(Mostly ticketed events):

**  9.45 to 10.45 am

Public Hall :       Neil Barr and Friends – The Banjo Mandolin and related instruments.

Neil is a co-founder and tune-catcher of the local band Klezmer-Gypsy-Balkan (KGB). His workshops around the banjo mandolin and its related music (joined by members of the KGB and others) are always entertaining and informative. Learn to laugh at as well as appreciate the versatility of the banjo-mandolin and its place in Australian popular music in the mid 20th Century.

Music Hall:         Chris Ryan Workshop 1 – Banjo Curiosity Shop

Chris is one of the Jamboree’s founders and is an experienced banjo teacher and workshop presenter. In his two sessions this morning Chris will have on hand a whole range of banjos for people to test play. As well as the regular 5-stringers, there will be available a banjo mandolin, tenor banjo, banjo uke, samisen (Japanese banjo) and a 6-string banjo, tuned like a guitar. Chris will cover some music theory, then attempt to assemble an ensemble incorporating all the forms of banjo. Two 2-chord “wonder songs” will be used – Jambalaya and Skip to my Lou, both in the key of C. come along and explore the wonderful world of banjos.

 Cricket Pavilion:  Brent Davey – Playing chords and the blues on the banjo.

Brent Davey – well known for his music with the Gut Bucket Jug Band, and this year heading up the Moonlighting Jug Band – has been playing 4-string ‘standard’ (CGBD) rhythm banjo for longer than he can remember, in jug bands, jazz bands and as a folk musician.  This workshop will explore playing chords and the blues on Banjo (Plectrum, Tenor, Uke, 5-string, clawhammer), using the blues and rhythm playing as a framework. Suitable for players from beginner onwards wanting to explore rhythm playing.


**  11.00 to Noon

Public Hall:        Mark Wardle – 5-String Bluegrass Banjo

Mark is a predominantly bluegrass banjo player who has run a number of highly valued workshops at the Jamboree. He has spent time recently in the USA honing his skills, and will bring some of his new knowledge to this workshop.

Music Hall:         Chris Ryan Workshop 2 – Banjo Curiosity Shop

See above. Come along to either or both of Chris’s sessions and you will be guaranteed a good time.

Cricket Pavilion:  Sean Kenan – Irish Tenor Banjo (4-String)

Sean Kenan hails from Maldon in Central Victoria, where he teaches Irish Fiddle – his school of fiddle is aptly named “Fancy Yourself Fiddling”. However he is also a dab hand at the 4-string tenor banjo which is tuned like a fiddle (GDAE).

Oval Marquee:  Josephine Collins – Let’s Talk About Murder Ballads (Free session)

A discussion forum on the impact of lyrics depicting violence against women in the bluegrass and old time musical traditions. Hosted by one our valued committee members, Josephine Collins.


FAMILY SESSION (Free session):

**  10.15am till 11.15am: HOTEL BEER GARDEN (or Hotel Lounge if weather is inclement):

Kids/family session with Hi-Hat the Banjo Bear and Hay-Lo the Singing Scarecrow, the Limberjacks and friends. Songs, stories, dances and more.



(Free session):

9.30 – 10.30 am: With “DANCING WITH THE ANGELS” and friends. All welcome.

Join with Pauline Swain, Ricki Smit, Tony O’Rourke, Evan Webb, Mark Pottinger and Andrew Barcham for a “clear-the-lungs” gospel singalong. Bruce Sedawie, one of the band’s key members, has unfortunately suffered a health setback – he’s ok and we wish him well. Just to clarify this is a band member only performance, albeit in an audience sing-a-long format. You can obtain a Gospel Songbook on site. Come along and raise the roof – the acoustics are great!
View a clip of Dancing with the Angels at:



11.00 am – 12.30 pm: Irish session led by Tony O’Rourke on 4-string tenor banjo, with participants from the Shamrock Hotel Irish session which is held monthly in Bendigo. All free to come along and join in or listen.


MORNING WORKSHOPS (Ticketed sessions):

** 10.00 – 11.00:

Music Hall:           Gus Macmillan – School of Banjo

Gus is a highly respected and experienced full time banjo teacher in Brunswick ( and will be playing on Sunday afternoon with the Devil Goat Family String Band.

Cricket Pavilion:    Richard MacEwan – Clawhammer Clinic

“A group workshop on the clawhammer style of oldtime banjo playing. Bring your questions and your banjos and we’ll have a good oldtime workout on rhythm, slides, general twanging and tuning. A couple of spare banjos on hand for those wanting to give it a try. We might even play a tune together! All levels welcome.”


** 11.15 to 12.15:

Music Hall:          Ian Alexander – Intermediate Clawhammer Banjo in Round Peak Tradition.

Ian first became interested in old-time Appalachian music 20 years ago, and started playing clawhammer banjo. He visits the USA to go to the best fiddle festivals every year and has sponsored bringing USA musicians each year out to Australia. Ian has been taught banjo by some of the greatest current Appalachian players. Ian will be teaching two tunes from the Round Peak tradition in the Key of A. The tunes will be “Buffalo Gals” from Fred Cockerham and “John Henry” from Tommy Jarrell. Ian will be using these tunes to show banjo techniques, tips and tricks related to these tunes. “We may be diverted to a broader discussion and it doesn’t matter to just talk banjo for a bit. I have created a DropBox folder with TABS, mp3’s, videos and educational pdf’s.  This can be found right now at:   Download the files if you wish and get ready to have fun.” Ian formed and heads up the Appalachian Heaven String Band which will be playing on the Saturday afternoon Public Hall concert.

Cricket Pavilion:   Jim Golding – Variety of 5-string banjo styles, tips and techniques.

5-string banjo playing tips and techniques covering a variety of styles including bluegrass, jazz and Celtic. Jim is well known as an irreverent bearded, laconic, lightning-fast banjo picker playing with various bands – this weekend with The Undertones in the Public Hall on Saturday afternoon.