Applications have closed for this year’s Jamboree. The program is now complete and we have a variety of exciting performers booked. The full program is now on the “Program” link , and details of workshops appear on the “Workshops” link. Looking forward to seeing you all there – not long now!

Jeanette Gillespie (Programming Coordinator)


Cathy Burke

Cathy creates music not just from another time, but from her own time. Steeped in tradition yet forging her own sound, Cathy shares songs and sentiments which are at once familiar and formless. She sings for herself but simultaneously pulls audiences into her world.  It is gentle and delicate, often light and fierce with a deep strength at its core. “Born Soft” is her debut solo album featuring Kate Burke on backing vocals and fiddle. The first song “Shoes are Fine” is partly about the Guildford floods 2 years ago at the Jamboree. Cathy will feature this year on the Saturday afternoon Public Hall concert.

Rex Watts and Friends

Rex Watts is a versatile and colourful local musician who has been a great Jamboree supporter over many years. Rex can turn his hand expertly to just about anything with strings! For his set at the Sunday lunchtime chalkboard concert he will be featuring on the banjo and gathering a bunch of equally talented muso friends to present a set of original and traditional country flavoured songs and music. Look on Google for “Railroad Rex and the Hapless Brakemen”.

Sean Kenan

Sean Kenan hails from Maldon in Central Victoria, where he teaches Irish Fiddle – his school of fiddle is aptly named “Fancy Yourself Fiddling”. However he is also a dab hand at the 4-string tenor banjo which is tuned like a fiddle (GDAE). Sean’s Sunday set in the Beer Garden will be a feast for the ears of mainly Irish music on the tenor banjo. Sean will also be conducting a tenor banjo workshop on Saturday morning.

Specimen Gully

Specimen Gully is a four piece all-female band, featuring banjo, fiddle, guitar, drums and four part vocal harmonies. They play original country/folk/bluegrass tunes, plus a few old time standards to boot. They’re ready and keen to grace the stage as the feature band on the Saturday afternoon chalkboard concert.

Floyd Black Band

The Floyd Black Band is a trio of singer/songwriter/troubadours whose members hail from the Kyneton area of Victoria. They play and sing country, bluegrass and basically “whatever we like, in order to enjoy ourselves and stay sane in a mad world”. The group features banjo, banjo mandolin, banjo uke, guitars, tamborine – and of course voices! The band will feature on the Friday night “chalkboard” concert in the Music Hall.

Jeremiah Rose

Jeremiah Rose is the brains behind Melbourne based folk band The Willie Wagtails, but is a cheeky singer and musician in his own right. Jeremiah consistently churns out working-class Australian folk tunes and songs that rely on participation, group singing and old-time groove. He will be performing a solo set in the Saturday afternoon Public Hall concert.

The Grubby Urchins

On the nebulous intersection of trad jazz, sea shanty and good ol’ fashioned folk sit The Grubby Urchins, a duo of happy-go-lucky young Melburnians with dirty feet, useless degrees and a penchant for the eclecticly bizarre. Armed with heady harmonies and intrepid instrumentals, the Urchins wage their reckless stylistic war on songs old and new. Featuring Daniel Bornstein and Joseph Hillel. You will hear them on the Saturday afternoon concert in the Public Hall.

Cat and Clint with William Alexander

Two wonderful acts combine this year to feature on our Saturday night Chalkboard Concert. They will be mixing it up to provide a bracket of superb songs and music.

Cat and Clint play old timey music and songs, featuring sweet vocal harmonies, clawhammer banjo and driving fiddle tunes. Predominantly traditional Old Time music from the Southern States of America, they mix it up with a few original songs, a touch of blues and some vintage country.

Crooning troubadour and old time folk singer, William Alexander (the kid from Bourke), brings back the songs of hillbilly and country music’s greatest figures as well as his own songs of the new world and all its trials and tragedies. If heart touching (breaking) tales from the Appalachian mountains interest you, or the stories told through early Australian and American country music inspire you, then perhaps William Alexander is your man.

Slim Dime

Slim Dime are an acoustic folk duo. Their music is contemporary and urban, but woven through with the simplicity and space of old time mountain music. Listen close: you can hear fog soaked valleys, mountain ash forests and the grit of gravel road. Featuring: Jen Land on vocals & tenor guitar and Chris Taylor on vocals, guitar & banjo.

Moonlighting Jug Band

What do you get when you put together 3 string virtuosos, Oz’s top jug player, a soulful Blues Harp, and a witty Washboard broad?  One helluva toe tappin’ Jugband whoopin’ it up!  This lovable combo reinvent the pizzazz of Jugband music from the 20’s Speakeasy era plus originals. Their repertoire covers the 1920s to the jug band revival of the 1960s, with Tony, Teana, Mick and Brent all alumni of 1960s jug bands.

Featuring: Brent Davey on banjo and vocals, Tony Dunn on Jug, Teana Amor on washboard and vocals, Mark Smith on guitars and vocals, Barry Martin on harmonicas and tea-chest bass, Marni Sheehan on mandolin, guitar and vocals.

Moosejaw Rifle Club

Moosejaw Rifle Club are a four-piece folk/country/bluegrass band with four-part harmonies and hooks galore. Their rollicking rhythms have gained attention in every concert venue they’ve played – including our Jamboree audiences. Their original song-smithery melds effortlessly with their more traditional influences appealing to a diverse audience of music lovers. Members: Mick Bourke, Jared Boyle, John Collins, Aaron Robins.

Tequila Mockingbird

Fine purveyors of Western Swing and cowdy music. Channelling Bob Wills, Hank, Patsy Montana, Frankie Laine and other fine saddle pals too numerous to mention. This mob has stepped right out of your Kreisler stereogram, with boots, hats & High Fidelity – and yodeling like ya ain’t never heard before! Featuring Mick Coates on vocal & banjo, James Rigby on vocals & fiddle, Pete Gavin on vocal & double bass, Merrin Torpy on vocal & piano accordion, Del Widdowson on vocals, Geoff McArthur on vocal & guitar, and Steve James on slide guitar.

The Duck Downpickers

The Duck Downpickers play acoustic-zyda-Jug-holy-billy-blues, a little tongue in beak! They cite among their influences Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers, The Skillet Lickers, R Crumb and The Cheap Suit Serenaders and the Old Crow Medicine Show. The trio comprises Gerry McDonald – Vocals, 5 String Banjo and Foot Percussion; Clayton Jacobson – Vocals and Double Bass; and Jonathan Ashley – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica.

Nine Mile Creek

Nine Mile Creek is a bluegrass band playing traditional and original bluegrass, with a touch of swing and Americana. Long time fans of the bluegrass genre and those appreciating the joys of good acoustic music are embracing Nine Mile Creek’s fresh approach.
Featuring: Andrew Barcham, Doug Wallace, Colin Weight and Mark Pottenger.

Mysterious Mose

Most bands start by doing a series of 3-song obscure open mic sessions, and slowly build up from there. Fearless or foolish, Mysterious Mose’ first gig was a 2 hour set at the 2010 Melbourne Ukulele Festival ! Arghhh! Nothing has been so scary since!! The Mose continue to scrape, rattle, whine, hoot, honk & holler their infectious brand of good-time, toe tapping jug band music into the stages (and hopefully hearts) of Melbourne and Central Victoria. Expect some classic jug songs, some classic jug band instruments, some unorthadox dress sense, some cheeky patter and lots of fun!

Featuring: All on vocals, with Ric Pec on slide guitar & uke, Gail Horsley on uke, washboard & kazoo, Wendy Dwyer on guitar, John Ross on string things, Tony Allan on harmonica, uke & mandolin, and Mike Fenton on banjo & uke.

The Undertones

The Undertones came together after a particularly raucous jam session at the Guildford Banjo Jamboree, Victoria. Influenced by a shared love of traditional bluegrass and jazz grazz, Jim Golding (banjo), Don Gula (bass), Heath Joyce (mandolin) and Tom Wales (guitar) have quickly found their own unique style which encompasses bluegrass and progressive jazz music. Based in Melbourne, Australia, forming in early 2018, The Undertones have already left a lasting impression as a band to watch.

Appalachian Heaven Stringband

Appalachian Heaven Stringband perform Southern Appalachian old timey mountain and modern Americana music with gusto and authenticity, much of it learnt directly from the masters during visits to USA festivals and band camps. The group features driving and sensitive fiddle tunes, dance tunes with curly toes, cheeky songs & disarmingly touching ballads … delighting audiences young and young-at-heart! The band’s latest CD “Hold Your Lying Tongue” was released at National Folk Festival Canberra, Easter 2017.
The band features: Ian Alexander (clawhammer banjo, vocals), Sally Taylor (fiddle, vocals), Kimberley Wheeler (bass, vocals), Graeme Fletcher (guitar, autoharp, vocals) and Claire Alleway (cello).
Website:    Facebook:

John Boothroyd and Richard MacEwan

John Boothroyd’s involvement with old-time country music and bluegrass began in Melbourne in the late 1960’s. Since that time he has been a prominent performer and teacher of old time and bluegrass music, both as a soloist playing banjo and guitar and singing songs from the pre war period, and with various musical collaborators.  John has a vast collection of American old time, bluegrass and pre-war blues music and literature, which he uses as a source of inspiration for his own playing and to assist anyone who is looking for an obscure song or tune or information about the artists and song origins. John produced a solo CD in 2013 entitled “Still Rollin’ On”..
Richard MacEwan is a key member of oldtime stringband Chilly Strings which has played at numerous past Jamborees. Richard has also generously given of his time and talents by contributing a banjo workshop to every Jamboree since the beginning! He will be playing banjo, harmonica and fiddle in this duo performance with John.