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Banjo Jamboree 2016

Video by Mark Wardle


remembering Rick E. Vengeance 2o18

The 2018 Jamboree was tinged with sadness and grief as one of the music community’s most widely known, well-respected and highly regarded musicians and personalities, Rick E Vengeance, was struck down by a massive heart attack and died in his sleep.

Rick E had attended almost every Jamboree since 2004. He was a consummate musician, a mentor to many, a generous and respectful session player and leader, and an integral player and caller for the Jamboree dances.  For those who may not have known Rick E. he is the mandolin player and the singer of the song in the video.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Alastair Wilson (harmonica) and Peter Mitchell for the above video which shows Rick E final song (Will the Circle Be Unbroken).