The Gillie (Guildford Hotel)


The Guildford Hotel was built in 1855-6. A combined music hall and stables building was added on the adjacent site around 1863. William Gaffney became the hotel licensee in 1861 and Gaffney’s Hotel was reported to have stabling for fifty horses and a long room fitted up as a theatre in 1863. A grand music festival was advertised at the hotel that year and the complex was also used as a coach office for Cobb and Co and for numerous sales and auctions.


In the early 1920s Pasquale Delmenico acquired the Guildford Hotel and it remained in the ownership of this family until 1992. The Delmenico family had arrived in Guildford in 1855, as part of a large contingent of Swiss
immigrants who settled in the area.


Today the licensee, Allan Joyce has centred the hotel’s development around music and good food. The pub is the hub of the jamboree and its warm fires and nooks and crannies are perfect for jam sessions. Sunday morning children’s activities and the Sunday concert in the beer garden provide exceptional entertainment for all ages.

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NB. The hotel does not provide accommodation.