Music Hall

The Guildford Music Hall is a rare surviving example of a goldfields theatre. It was added to the hotel in the 1860s and is still owned and run by the Guildford Hotel to this day. The Guildford Hotel, Music Hall and Stables are illustrative of the development that took place in the town as a result of the gold rush and isĀ  the sole survivor of a large number of hotels built during Guildford’s peak of development. The complex, in particular the Music Hall, played an important role in the life of the town as a community meeting place.

Other surviving examples of Goldfields music halls are the Star Theatre, built in Chiltern in 1865 and the former Royal Hotel and Theatre, built in Maldon in 1857.



The Music Hall was lovingly restored in 2003 by Guildford Hotel owner Siro (Steve) Scopel, with some assistance from the Guildford community.