We welcome the “Mockers” back (both for their brilliance and by public demand!) to delight the Sunday Beer Garden concert-goers. Fine purveyors of Western Swing and cowdy music. Channelling Bob Wills, Hank, Patsy Montana, Frankie Laine and other fine saddle pals too numerous to mention. This mob has stepped right out of your Kreisler stereogram, with boots, hats & High Fidelity – and yodeling like ya ain’t never heard before! Featuring Mick Coates on vocal & banjo, James Rigby on vocals & fiddle, Pete Gavin on vocal & double bass, Merrin Torpy on vocal & piano accordion, Del De Winter on vocals, Geoff McArthur on vocal & guitar, Steve James on slide guitar and Matiss Schubert on fiddle.

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