Mysterious Mose

Most bands start by doing a series of 3-song obscure open mic sessions, and slowly build up from there. Fearless or foolish, Mysterious Mose’ first gig was a 2 hour set at the 2010 Melbourne Ukulele Festival ! Arghhh! Nothing has been so scary since!! The Mose continue to scrape, rattle, whine, hoot, honk & holler their infectious brand of good-time, toe tapping jug band music into the stages (and hopefully hearts) of Melbourne and Central Victoria. Expect some classic jug songs, some classic jug band instruments, some unorthadox dress sense, some cheeky patter and lots of fun!

Featuring: All on vocals, with Ric Pec on slide guitar & uke, Gail Horsley on uke, washboard & kazoo, Wendy Dwyer on guitar, John Ross on string things, Tony Allan on harmonica, uke & mandolin, and Mike Fenton on banjo & uke.

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