Call for volunteers

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of the Jamboree organisation. Three hours of labour or more is rewarded with a weekend pass (can be taken in two shifts). Shorter times can be donated in return for a smile and thanks!

Types of jobs which will most likely be required to be accomplished are:

Thursday/Friday/Monday/Tuesday: Outdoor set-up and/or pack-up, transport, indoor set-up/pack-up, venue decorations set-up/clean-up, entry gate duty at the oval, general run-around duties.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: All of the above plus: Reception desk, ticket selling, ticket checking at venues, merchandise selling, general run-around assistance.

If you wish to offer your services, either contact via mail, email or phone as below.

Mailing Address:
Guildford Banjo Jamboree, PO Box 917, Guildford , Victoria, 3451.


Phone contacts:

Volunteers Coordinator: Gael Shannon (03) 5348 2201 / 0409 537 694

Chairperson: Jeanette: (03) 5473 4201 / 0414 732 667



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