Tickets to the Jamboree are at present not pre-sold, though the committee will be looking into the possibility of setting up an online pre-payment system.

No camping is permitted on Wednesday night. Please contact us if you are registering to volunteer for the Thursday set-up and you wish to camp somewhere on the Wednesday night. We have a few folks around town who would be happy to accommodate you and you could move to the Jamboree camping area of your choice on the Thursday morning.

If you are camping on Thursday night, there will be toilet and shower facilities, but you camp at your own risk – we do not have security staff on duty. You will need to set up your tent sites according to gate people’s instruction (if there are volunteers on the gate when you arrive – otherwise find a spot on the outside of the circle and observe the marked emergency clearway and all other markings.) Some food will be available at the Hotel between 6pm and 8pm, and the hotel will be open for some time after that.

Reception at the Public Hall will open for enquiries, and for registration of volunteers, performers and complimentary passes from 6pm till 8pm on Thursday evening, September 20th. There will be no general cash sales on that evening.

Reception and ticket sales will then re-commence at the Public Hall at 4.30pm Friday afternoon, and will open at various times through the remainder of the weekend, and then at the Hotel Beer Garden on Sunday afternoon.

If you arrive for camping outside those hours, please set up first, then come over to the Public Hall to register and purchase your wristband when reception is open.

Please note that admission to all events including concerts, workshops, chalkboard concerts and the dance will be by wristband or hand stamp only. Exceptions will be the Friday night “chalkboard” Music Hall concert , the Saturday morning family session in the hotel beer garden, and the Gospel singing in the Public Hall on Sunday morning.

The legendary jam sessions will of course sprout all over town all weekend, at the pub, on verandas, at the CFA, on the oval and down by the river.

** We are respectfully requesting that campers on all areas donate a little extra on top of the very inexpensive weekend ticket to assist with costs of facilities. We are suggesting $10 per site for those on the oval, to cover additional turf and watering system maintenance, and $5 per site for those on Big Tree Park and the River Reserve. We do not have adequate volunteers to police this, so we trust to your good will to put in a donation when you purchase your ticket. Thank you.


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