Programming Guidelines

Concerts and Workshops

All performers, workshop presenters, MCs, dance callers, etc, donate their time in return for weekend passes. No additional fees are paid, and accommodation is generally camping, or as arranged by the participants. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to arrange billets.

All concert performers at our two main concerts (Saturday and Sunday afternoons) must feature a banjo as an integral part of their music.

Official workshops must be banjo-based, but there venues are provided for a limited number of informal workshops which can be advertised on a chalkboard at reception.

There are at least four chalkboard concerts for all sorts of acts (banjo not a necessity) – performers need to have a Jamboree pass of some sort and can sign up at reception. These spots are much sought after and the concerts are hugely popular with audiences.

The Friday night chalkboard concert in the Music Hall has been a success over the past four Jamborees and will be continued.

The Procession

Saturday Noon An ensemble or band of some sort leads a procession down to the Big Tree for the annual “Banjo Massed Mugshot” photo shoot.


Pick-off event:

This event will again be held during the SATURDAY AFTERNOON CONCERT, judged by a panel of “mystery” judges. RULES HAVE CHANGED THIS YEAR:

Contestants in the Pick-Off Event can be of any age, and can perform any two tunes of their own choice, up to a total performance time of 5 minutes. There is only time for six contestants – first in first served! Players must have no more than one other player playing with them.

** Robbie Watts Memorial Award:

Open age. Name on trophy, framed certificate, plus cash prize. (Robbie was an enthusiastic, talented and innovative 5-string banjo ‘picker’ who shared his banjo music at the first two Jamborees, but passed away in mid 2006.)

** Ron de Graauw Memorial Youth Award:

Awarded to anyone who enters who is 14 years or under, who is deemed worthy by the judges Name on trophy, framed certificate, cash prize. (Ron was a co-founder of the Jamboree and a generous and much loved musician who played a wide variety of instruments. Ron passed away in January of 2011.

PLEASE REGISTER YOUR INTEREST TO PARTICIPATE on the list AT RECEPTION BY SATURDAY 12.30PM. Participants need to be wristband or event pass holders if they are 13 years of age or older.


Maree Murrell Caper

The Saturday night dance in the Public Hall , the “Maree Murrell Caper”, features a variety of talented local musicians and dance callers, their numbers swelled by numerous other Jambo musos who jump up on stage and join in!

Maree Murrell was an exceptionally talented and highly regarded local school teacher, flautist, singer, dancer, dance teacher and dance caller. Only retired for about a year and fully enjoying her retirement Maree unexpectedly and suddenly passed away in 2004.

Gospel Singalong

The Gospel Singalong takes place in the Public Hall at 9.30 on the Sunday morning.

Instrument Makers’ Display

Makers are able to set up displays under the London Gallery veranda, and others under a gazebo behind the Music Hall. 

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