The Gillie (Guildford Hotel)

The Guildford Family Hotel (affectionately referred to as “the Gillie” by locals) is a heritage listed country pub with Australia’s oldest music hall on the grounds. The hotel boasts a huge beer garden, intimate dining room (the Adeline Room) and entertaining front bar.

Licensee Alan Joyce has created a great atmosphere, menu and drinks supply during the last two Jamborees and he’s still on board and enthusiastic. Hotel opening hours and food provisions are yet to be finalised, but we are sure that you will enjoy the Pub during the Jamboree weekend as much as you have over the previous twelve years.

The Sunday afternoon concert will again be held in the Beer Garden, weather permitting.

The hotel is located on the Corner of the Midland Highway and Fryers Road, Guildford, Vic. 3451. The hotel does not provide accommodation.

Phone: (03) 5473 4215

Email: alan.joyce747@gmail.comFacebook: theguildfordfamilyhotel